The Russian oil industry has a close relationship with many domestic industries, and is of great importance for the Russian economy as a whole. Therefore, not surprising that Russia is one of the leading mining and processing of oil and gas in the world. Now most of the Russian oil and oil products are exported. Accordingly, foreign partners will require compliance derived products, international norms and standards.

Trendsetter for standardization in this industry is the American Petroleum and Gas Institute api (American Petroleum Institute). This organization is responsible for regulation of activities in the field of petrochemical, chemical and petroleum industries. According to studies, interest in these standards are very high among Russian companies working in the industry. Most popular, according to statistics Yandex, are standard: api 5l, api 7, api 5ct, api gl5, api 650, api 6d, api 2540, api 5b, api 610, api q1, api 1104, api 6a, api 600, api 5d . api standards are used worldwide and regulate all aspects of oil and gas industry, including mining, manufacturing, transporting, processing, sales and marketing. Now on the Russian market is very small firms engaged in formal delivery of these standards. One of them – the company normdoks, one of the largest in this area. This organization provides services to search for and supply of api standards in Russia and cis countries.

Often, in addition to delivery of the standard text, the contracting firm requires a number of additional services that the company is ready normdoks provide to its customers. One of them is translation. Many of the texts of api written in English, which makes it an accurate understanding and competent use. In such cases requires the assistance of professionals. Our team of normdoks, just has the necessary knowledge and experience with technical documentation, in particular with the standards of api. The company also provides services normdoks mainstream standards. This gives customers the opportunity to learn about timely changes in standards and use only the current versions of standard api. In conclusion, we note that the use of domestic companies standards recognized in worldwide, provides good conditions for exports and cooperation with foreign companies, which, in turn, a favorable impact on the Russian economy as a whole. normdoks – delivery of foreign standards and other regulatory, technical and scientific documentation.