So also, freelancers and small business owners use the possibilities of social media marketing successfully this all-day seminar at the 15.03.2013 in Essen offers a comprehensive overview of the capabilities of the social Web both newcomers and advanced social media users. In dynamic theme blocks, participants learn about the functioning of the most important social media channels, they get to know the critical success factors for the use of social media and use and they get lots of practical suggestions for the development of their own social media strategy. “What Jens Schluter entrepreneur seminar” is different from similar offerings, is also the proverbial practicality and the inclusion of factors that are often neglected in other seminars in addition to the interactive participation by the participants: the speech is about emotions and how entrepreneurs can make their presence in social media with the skillful use of this means of style more attractive and efficient. I knew that in particular small enterprises and individual entrepreneurs had waited exactly,”Jens Schluter explains the genesis of his 30-minute factor. A comprehensive guide for easy entry into the social media marketing, without having to bind right away too many resources, both personnel as also financial. For many of my clients, the world of many social media experts is just too rosy. Instead, they want a workable solution. Efficient, transparent and without frills.” Coinciding with the release of his latest book social media marketing for entrepreneurs: the 30-minutes-factor (Addison-Wesley) has recruited also his successful social media entrepreneur seminar Jens Schluter and Jens Schluter is joining the corporate use of social media putting the factor more in the Mittelpunkt.Damit defines also the target groups for this seminar a far piece new, because the focus is now the large group of individual and small business owners such Consultant, coach, coaches, but also owners of family businesses from industry, trade, catering and many other industries.

G good here after his experience deficits slumber the largest (time). Of course, the content taught in this seminar within the framework of in-house training or coaching can be further deepened and specifically optimized for individual companies. You can book this seminar directly at: seminars/social media / the number of participants is limited. Are included in the seminar price of 490,-(excl. VAT): Jens Schluter’s new book “social media marketing for entrepreneurs: the 30-minutes-factor”, lunch, coffee breaks, refreshments, official participation certificate further dates: 26.04., Cologne, 24.05, Dortmund, 28.06 – Hamburg