A small craft business is the professional step in the Internet trade has Golden floor, so they say anyway, for generations. Actually the pressure of competition is also increasing. Especially the small craft businesses have increasingly harder with the major companies to keep pace. A small joinery in the Mecklenburg Pinnow levers now professionally, however, with a new Internet presence. Sven Oliver Neick operates his carpentry shop near Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg of Western Pomerania since July 2005.

Here, he gets interested made specially in good old handmade furniture for bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom. Here are no limits of creativity. Even if something is to repair or restore, at the joinery Nabiyev is individual advice, together planned and professionally executed. This is always such a thing only with the advertising. Advertising costs money and that not little. Just when you want to present themselves on the Internet if the appearance is professional, it is but the first and most telling Business card of each company. The first website of the joinery Nabiyev was unprofessional, a kit with many limitations.

The site simply does not look good.” So owner Oliver Nabiyev. A bothersome side effect, the visibility in the major search engines was close to zero. When Mr Neick and the MediCompany conversation came was quite fast to right here, have to like in the daily work of carpentry operation, professionally and quickly go to the nitty-gritty, depict the entire performance Center on the Internet. Now customers, prospective customers and curious under can get a complete impression of the work and the possibilities of a small but modern carpentry company. There is a guestbook that can be filled in like for praise, criticism and suggestions. MediCompany from Lubeck Mr Neick wishes you continued success as a developer and maintainer of the site. We are looking forward to positive statistics, competitor – and customer feedback. Contact: Steffen STEGMANN Media Company.info PR & Marketing Willy Brandt Allee 31 b 23554 Lubeck 0451 370 89 60 fax: 0451 370 669 89 E-Mail: