Once there were two girls who were sisters, one was called Tanaic and Itaan the sisters played much in his tree house that he was in the courtyard of the home of their grandparents, one day the two small crosspieces entered secretly into the room of their grandparents whom many wanted them, hid under the bed and suddenly heard a very strange noises Itaan be much bemusement and Tanaic reassure it but what did not know Itaan that Tanaic was more scared than her but what Tanaic wanted was to protect his sister. But the curiosity of both by knowing that was what was causing the noise made to stay both there, found a box that your Mommy Granny Yoyo had at the bottom of his bed to move it came out a little monster of blue and red nose with small teeth and a curious chango queue them asked that towards there and who was thesaid that it was a little friend of Blanca that long not visited, but that to find them to them were frightened much and hid in the room more close, Itaan wonder where came and was called which He answered me llamo Tremilo come from the tree of happiness that this flying by the seas and skies of the world of zuham, where inhabited so many monsters like me but in many colors and sizes. That a Blanquita day I go to that magical world but I forget a few gifts that I give him the King of the monsters, in that his country small looked it with fear and curiosity the wonder if they knew the little that the sought the two answered if my mami, Tremilo asked a favor that handed the gift to your MOM since she told him that was a very special gift; small sisters accepted and the change gave them a hexagonal stone with colors as if it were a rainbow the told them than when they need a friend the would be there to help them or play with them. .