The history of mankind mentions transplants from the miracles of St. Paul (when implants breast, previously cut by a Roman Centurion to Santa Angela) and San Cosme and San Damian (twin doctors who implanted the leg to a patient with Cancer of the same, with another coming from an Ethiopian who died hours before the modern history begins in April 1954)When in Boston (USA) is performed the first transplant of a kidney, the surgical technique is still complex, but the surgeons experience has been enriched, hospitals have the infrastructure necessary to ensure the success of the same, Pharmacology has medications to ensure the success of the implant and prevent fatal acute or chronic rejectionPhilosophy and ethics do not object to it. REALITY Peruvian chronology of the transplants in the Peru begins in August 1969 when Dr. Raul Romero Torres, performed the first kidney transplant, then it was in May 1972 he made of heart, in November 1974 of marrow Bone, in 1978 the Corneas and in May 2000 of liver by Dr. Jose Carlos shaman Luis Espinoza Tudelano patient affected with the cirrhosis Laennenec, these operations are performed basically in Lima and some provinces, the Peru specifically is health was the leading institution within the institutions of Social Security for Central and South America. Currently deal with the dishonorable last place within the statistics of transplant in the world, despite the fact that we have patients that crammed waiting lists for transplants, despite the fact that we have teams highly trained doctors for successful operations, although it is health as institution is prepared to perform these operations. CAUSES 1.-There is a lack of information to the population, society is uninformed on this topic, there are myths, beliefs, mistrust around this culture of donation, so much so in the Peru there are a donor!