With a car insurance comparison more economical in the new year like every year millions of consumers to January of next year change, the car insurance. The termination of the old policy is still possible until November 30. Before changing a car insurance comparison is advisable. The savings potentials are high. Consumers in insurance fees can save up to 500 euros. Classic direct insurer and special offers are on the front seats. The portal in the auto.de offers cheap fares to the car insurance comparison.

A price comparison between the performance of insurers offer many comparison portals with a so-called car calculator on. They work under a customer-friendly principle. The prospective buyer is navigated using a tool and must enter in addition to supplier number, the type of the vehicle. These data are shown in the registration document. The vehicle licence not available, is the prospective buyer about search tools in the tool finds the desired data.

After a few minutes, the consumer receives a collection with affordable insurance providers. The list contains companies from the high and low price segment. Thus, an individual price performance comparison is possible. In many societies the comfortable possibility to apply directly online on a car insurance Exchange. Emerges from a survey of the Institute of management and economic research that almost every third German would like to change the insurance provider or its fare for the coming year. A non-binding and free car insurance comparison, the portal offers. Who use of declining contributions would like to make, until the end of the month one chooses appropriate provider.