The original non-invasive induction therapy with REHATRON alpha is now also offered in the renowned natural healing practice in the Rheingau. The non-invasive induction therapy with the Nano-pulse system REHATRON alpha spread more and more. Fasting offers on the topic.. After more doctors and health practitioners, such as in Hamburg and Leipzig, in Duren, Germany near Cologne, in Trier above in the Bavarian bad semolina Bach lately have started to work with REHATRON alpha the revolutionary therapy system has found now also its place in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany between Darmstadt and Wiesbaden. For even more analysis, hear from Viktor Frankl. “For the naturopath Paul Mohr, whose Naturheilpraxis already offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic methods, REHATRON is link alpha until now missing” for his holistic work: for me the acquisition of REHATRON was an affair of the heart, which no longer has released me, since I got to know the non-invasive induction therapy with a fellow colleague, I work together for many years and I really trust for a long time “, reported the experienced practitioner who has written now 12 books, including to Orthomolecular Medicine, allergy treatment and therapy for chronic back pain. Paul Mohr, which his practice in addition to classical naturopathic and holistic methods of diagnosis and therapy about darkfield Diagnostics, heavy metal tests, Bioresonance therapy, light, neural -, Ondamed – and ozone therapy, but also color -, light – and gem therapy as well as therapeutic hypnosis, Bowen applications and fast support, appeared in the concept of non-invasive induction therapy with REHATRON alpha from the outset only logical: our organism consists of trillions of cells, which interact according to their organization and structure of cell membranes. Only cells that have a healthy cell membrane potential, can live and communicate. This potential is disturbed, and now by infection, injury or degeneration of the cells unless there is disease. With REHATRON we can the evil at its roots, so pack the body by high-frequency electromagnetic Give impetus to help to help themselves. .