At that time, towards guards of 36 hours in the Hospital Almanzor Aguinaga of Essalud in Chiclayo, beginning at 8 pm on Saturday and ended at 8 am on Monday, for this end travelled from Trujillo, via Emtrafesa at 5 pm, but sometimes these buses that were even caleteros – despite starting full of passengers-took over the accountNormally this route covers it in 3 hours. ings. Michael Miccoli addresses the importance of the matter here. This Saturday he reached the 8 with 30 minutes in the evening to Chiclayo, my guard was beginning at 8 pm, the colleague who was leaving me no longer waited, when I joined the Hospital, the midwife quickly alerted me that there were sick patients to operate and that the Chief of the guard I was looking for, I met him and asked for apologiesI culpe to the Bus – which was true – and well more serious was that he thought that such patients were cited whereof I refute with the clear argument that I not toward outpatient, did not live in Chiclayo and only went to my guard of 36 hrs. And returned me to Trujillo, clarified matter told me if I could attend as much patient taking into account that not There was another gynecologist to assist me, I told him that it operated with the surgeon-because they were two – or with the obstetrician right away told me that evaluated to see if they were emergencies that merited Caesarean sections, complaci it and reported that there were three with clear dysfunction that came from the previous shift, two were first-time in pelvic and another lady had a baby with a weighted weight 4 kilos higher calculated by ultrasoundgood – said – acted doctor anything let me know, promised me that I would be circling around the operating room, gesture that I thanked him.!.