Parents also exist who simply if do not matter, find that the school has the obligation to teach its children, if it does not have a good performance the guilt is of the school, that is not fulfilling its paper correctly. As Peter he is not more obtaining to follow the classroom, the coordination suggests its parents who during the mathematics lessons it if removes of the room to make a mathematical content of a previous series, will be made an evaluation to diagnosis for which year it of sees to return. The family in a first instant does not like nothing the idea, affirms that in such a way they will be excluding its son of the remain of the room, but they finish agreeing that it will be better for Peter. The objective is to level it with its classroom, to revise contents already seen, so that thus in the future it can return for room during the mathematics lessons. 4 AFTER TO LEAVE the ROOM They had decided that Peter must return for the mathematical content from 7 year. At the moment where he was counted Peter who it would leave the room during the mathematics lessons it was happy, was happy until excessively.

A good relation between professor and pupil must exist, must have care for inside does not lose the authority of the room, but the pupils do not have to second enxergar in the professor an enemy, who feels pleasure in harming them in room, CHACON (2003), p 86: If the objective is to improve education and the learning of the mathematics, seems convenient to take in account the affective factors of the pupils and the professors. The emotions, attitudes and beliefs act as impulsionadoras forces of the mathematical activity. In many cases the changes act as resistance gallowses. Who never had a fantastic professor? Professors exist who obtain to leave any amused substance, and professors who obtain to make the pupil to detestar a substance that old liked, have this power in our hands, everything depend on the used didactics and the form as we relate in them with our pupils, each time I perceive more the importance of the professor to have pedagogical knowledge, and many times we leave of side these substances in our academic formation, worried only about the substances you specify of our course, for example, in the mathematics we give to much more attention the substances that involve calculations of what the pedagogical ones.