As you do something good for your health by walking in the mountains running was the trend of the year 2012, but no longer sufficient many ambitious runners training in the horizontal plane. Forward, many of these sweaty discipline promise a real productivity leap: the mountain running. Mountain run a highly effective endurance training is the reason for the performance-enhancing effect of the altitude training easy to explain: the oxygen deficiency ruling in high altitude forces the organism to adapt to. To ensure that the body despite the reduced atmospheric pressure of oxygen absorbs enough oxygen, respiratory, cardiovascular and blood are activated. Here, for example the red blood cells proliferate. In addition, the cells change their way and produce more energy on anaerobic way, i.e. without the use of oxygen in air. For athletes, this means that alone the stay in the amount represents a slight effect of training.

Ideally, the area between 1500 and 2200 m is above sea level. In the height of unfolding M. carried out training sessions a more intense effect than those on the Plains. But that’s not all: regeneration times are shorter, the breathing ability increases, more growth hormones are secreted and benefited the performance in General. Mountain running trains also the will and stamina. Cardiovascular and muscle training in mountain running requires an unusual posture, be trained muscle group, short coming while running in the lowlands: for example the glutes, the front thigh muscles and the back muscles.

Especially the calf muscles and Achilles tendon are subjected to greater stress, because the footprint in slopes stronger and bigger the diffraction in the ankle. Performance affects also the downhill: the nervous system remembers the unusual brake load and enable more muscle cells in the sequence to counteract the impact forces. Last but not least comes the high-altitude training of also the psyche benefit what has an enormous effect on the individual performance: because the impressions of nature far away from the Metropolitan hustle and relax the mind and soul.