and I say: God, this truth is revealed in your Word; it grants that, for your Spirit, I see this truth in a way that me Liberte, gives to me to be able, encourages to me, I make me glad and bold in my hopeful certification and in mine evangelizao.' ' We must count to the Good people the News with love and a dedicated life to serve (II Corntios 4:5) John Piper says ' ' Quiet servants who never speak of evangelho contradict the love. ' ' We nail Christ Jesus as Gentleman and we ourselves as yours servos.' ' He is this that we make to help the people to be born of new. We count good the news to it of Christ, with a full heart of love and a dedicated life servir.' ' Versicle 22 speaks that we must love, not pretendingly, but of heart, some to the others burning hotly. Without the new birth we are not capable to love to the others, not as we must, therefore is the love of God who allows in them to love to the others (I Joo 4:7 – 8), therefore nature of God is love, and when we are born with It, we share of this nature. ' ' Loved, if God in such way loved in them (that is, the point to order its Son to die we pro), must we also love ones to outros' ' (I Joo 4:11) This wants to say, must IMITATE CHRIST, loving ones to the others. Thus, one asks basic, as then the skeptics can be born again? The seed that saved is Word of God. ' ' The surgical instrument that opens the eyes of the blind person is the words that you transmit when announcing and to explain evangelho.' ' (John Piper) ' ' According to its fondness, it generated in them for the word of verdade' ' (Tiago 1:18) I Peter 2:9 Today we see that the Christians do not have the burning hot desire to nail evangelho to the skeptic.