The second life community meets a very real, in the middle of Berlin… Second life is enough to finally once central to invite the user to a supra-regional meeting more alive than ever reason. The 30.5.2008-1.6.2008 the second life community meeting 2008 – will be held short 2008 in the metropolis SLCM. Finally, you can meet even the people behind the avatars, talk about second life, establish new contacts and friendships and at the same time experience the incomparable capital in early summer. The community meeting is divided into two events.

On the Friday night to 30.5.2008, is a bar and club tour in the middle of one of the trendiest Berlin districts – Berlin Friedrichshain – planned. On Saturday the 31.5.2008 from 15: 00 is the main event of SLCM of 2008 in the Carambar located directly on Alexanderplatz. The Carambar is restaurant, lounge, and Club and offers a central location in Berlin’s Eastern Centre. The extensive food and drink menu, and the incomparable views of the TV Tower and the Alex, are ideal for a Event. The SLCM 2008 is the first pure as in Germany, which across the city to speak on second life user and also does not constitute business event, or Convention. The participation of the SLCM 2008 is of course free of charge. Central players and second life VIP BBs will be present, so for example also Jean Miller, Linden Labs deutche marketing boss. The SLCM 2008 is supported by all major and active German-speaking communities on second life.

There is detailed information about the event, of the travel and overnight stays in Berlin, on the official website. Posts for carpooling and accommodation by Berlin second life users can be found in the Forum of. The second life community meeting 2008 is organized by, REBEL – alternative wear prim, and. About second life : Second life is a virtual online world on the Internet, with more than 13 million users worldwide. Around the clock up to 66000 users are at the same time online. As well as all content in second life, produced by the users themselves. Every day, the residents of the virtual world implement 1,2 million US dollars through the purchase of virtual goods and services.