Setting up surgeries will skillfully be. Not every established doctor turns to his patients and is a good service, if he completely, newly establishes its established practice in other words,. This is often true: less is more. Because many of his longtime patients have become accustomed to the atmosphere. And especially older people respond to major changes. The new facility is too strange, it acts automatically strangely. And how many marriages as a result apart go that the partner is no longer the same, the man initially fell, so, creates a to radical change, the breeding ground for divorce thoughts.

Because the withdrawal in this case does not hurts, the risk is high that some of the patients that go to another doctor. The farewell is subliminally easy. Another aspect to consider, is the risk to luxuriously set up a medical practice. Here, the thought arises in some patients: we go there not going anymore, not such a luxury to Finance.” What is the set of practices to be observed? The specialist for practice facilities, Ludwig Wansing, knows in this area. Like he shares his experience gained over 25 years with the doctors supervised by him in North Rhine-Westphalia. A careful analysis is preceded by any of its deliberations.

In this, the current status quo and the desired target State is clearly defined and checked for meaningful implementation. At the same time, all required resources be clearly set. This begins with a listing of service providers, such as architects, interior designers, craftsmen, decorators, Garden designers etc. up to manufacturers of practice equipment and medical supplies. On request, already furnished medical practices are visited to see the recommended setting up in practice and to get a feedback from the functionality. On the occasion the satisfaction of colleagues can be at the same time ask for. Ludwig Wansing is available at.