Golf courses for single handicap golfer with exciting amateurs professional ambitions find in the training course for golfers of the performance the ideal platform to work holistically on their golfing objectives: in the four-day course for cracks with a minimum handicap of 24 will be taught the latest exercise science. Sports medicine, fitness, and mental coaching are here as well as technique and tactics, as well as the theoretical underpinning of the learned according to the in Europe largest Developed Golf Academy Griesbach method. Golf and wellness in the Hartl golf resort and because education should be also or especially fun, golfers can get during the courses in the houses of the Hartl Resort book: two first-class hotels and four directly to the championship courses located manors spoil their guests with manicured hospitality, exclusive wellness and a feel-good atmosphere, the light as a feather, the swing and the Freestyle will make the golf course. The Hartl Resort with five 18-hole championship courses, three 9 – hole and two 6-hole-courses for children and newcomers to golf Bad Griesbach not only Germany’s Golf Centre is no. 1, but the largest golf resort in Europe. Three of the five national have been proposed as internationally excellent 18-hole courses by Bernhard Langer, 1990 also largely accompanied the fortunes of the resort since its inception as Franz Beckenbauer. Even a private golf course is dedicated to the football Emperor in the Hartl Resort.

The heart of the golf operation, in which each year over 30,000 players are counted, is the Golfodrom, a training center with 210 tees in addition to spacious training areas for chipping and putting. 36 golf instructors teach here at the world’s largest Golf Academy according to a uniform, teaching thorough teaching methodology. The resort, which covers an area of almost 1000 football pitches, include two luxury hotels and four manors located directly at the golf courses. Contact: Hartl Golf Resort bad Griesbach Daniela Geiginger cure Ahornallee 1 94086 Bad Griesbach 0049 (0) 8532 790 24 press contact: Hartl Golf Resort Bad Griesbach Daniela Geiginger cure Ahornallee 1 94078 Bad Griesbach 0049 (0) 8532 790 24