The cat has been considered from inmemorables times like an animal to be able very identified with the magic, with hidden it. Magical faculties of intuition, intuition, protection, fertility and sanacin have been attributed to him, as also the power of the survival is attributed to him. We can remember the saying that makes reference to the same when it says: " " It has seven lives like gato" " Panther: The spirit of the panther or the lioness, like example of great feminine felines, will present/display the enormous one to us to be able and energy that the woman owns, the feminine thing. Not in vain it is the lioness that is in charge of the hunting and to feed its puppies, whereas the male limits itself to rugir for to drive away the prey and to direct them towards where is him the hunting lioness in order that. The great felines, unlike which it can seem, do not look for the confrontation, usually avoid the confrontations, unless he is inevitable and it is the security of the group in danger. The spirit of the great feline will teach to us to be meticulous, to pay attention to everything what he surrounds to us and to in detail value the consequences of our actions.

The spirit of the great feline will teach to us to also know our true force, but to knowing how to only apply it when it is strictly necessary. INSECTS: Butterfly the spirit of the butterfly represents the transformation, since he is the unique living being who is able to modify and to transform his genetic structure completely. The caterpillar, crawling by the ground, is locked in its own cocoon, to leave transformed into a beautiful butterfly with wings able to fly. It is the alive representation of the transformation of all being, the spiritual evolution.