In the zoo, the city of Chelyabinsk in May 2009 appeared the male spotted ganetty. Ganetta belongs to the genus of carnivorous mammals. Her lithe body is covered with spotty coarse wool. On the number of different sources report conflicting data: 6 or 9 species. Type Ganetta (Genetta genetta) is the most common. Lives in Africa, and also found in such European countries as Spain and France, where it can be found in the mountains and lowlands near water.

Ganetta spotted much less prevalent than the common, is found only in the aforementioned European countries and in Palestine. This animal can be attributed to nocturnal predators. Eats birds, eggs, small rodents and some kinds of invertebrates. Often harms the person stealing poultry. At the same time, many plants it as a cat, because ganetta good hunt mice and rats. Appearance this animal at the Chelyabinsk zoo was the first event in Russia this kind. The zoo is very pleased to replenish and reported that very well domesticated.