You can try a soft permanent increase hair volume. If you have dark hair rinse the color a bit to reduce the contrast between the remaining hair and scalp, thus making skin less noticeable. A cosmetic trick that may work in women is to apply some eye shadow the color of his hair on the scalp over the areas of fine hair. It is harmless and can make fine hair less noticeable. Finally, do not use to promote the adhesion of tufts of hair, allowing it to see empty spaces on the scalp. Maintain appropriate shampoos clean hair helps to maintain hair health and beauty. The frequency of washing and a suitable shampoo for each individual are important factors and will be recommended by your dermatologist.

In the case of oily hair is accompanied by thinning hair, frequent washing is recommended as they reduce the fat on the surface of the scalp. It is important to clean hair and fat, since fat contains high levels of dihydrotestosterone and testosterone (male hormones) that could be reabsorbed into the skin and affect the hair follicle. In cases of dandruff and grease, if you wash frequently it is best to alternate a shampoo treatment with a shampoo for frequent use. With both shampoos have to do two soapy and the second, leaving the shampoo foam 2-3 minutes, without rubbing. The comb teeth should be wide apart.

Wire brushes should be avoided. If there are broken ends (tricoptilosis) can be repaired with a repair-based fluid silicone polymers, which acts as a patch on the broken ends. Sesderma Treatment For the treatment and prevention of hair loss we recommend visiting our website. Prepared with the scientific assistance of Dr. Gabriel Serrano, SeSDerma Laboratory. Conclusions The hereditary hair loss are not curable, but controllable, and the earlier it is treated better. Although there is no ideal treatment for androgenetic alopecia, yes there are drugs that stop the fall of hair and prolong the life of the follicles. We consider that present and future treatments for hair follicles require living. The balding follicles are miniaturized and die after 5-10 years. Keep alive the more follicles will get better response of any treatment. Many other hair problems are temporary and can be treated with dietary measures and otherwise. In these cases, good habits in diet and taking supplements of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants make the hair loss is stopped and growth is restored within a few months. For more information on hair loss consult your dermatologist for skin diseases also include diseases of hair and nails. Do not be influenced by commercials for products “hair tonics” or by specialists in hairdressing.