After much work and arriving home late, I stop after my door there a second, to see how a dark loneliness invade that place in a sepulchral silence that only denotes my continuous sighs product of fatigue by a long workday. Then I go to the bedroom, turn on the light in my room and I lean on the edge of the bed to get out me my already tight shoes. But then, see you there standing, haughty as always, with that your arrogant attitude and how in standby mission, determined to draw my attention. Since I not escaped a second, it once I’m home, deliberately seeking to lose you from my view, taking advantage of that I must move my shoes to the closet, also there pulling my tie and deprive me of the sweat clothing. But still and so, in the midst of everything, I make the serious mistake do you usual reverence. That with which you always manage to activate the action you need to express what is happening in your fateful world. And the truth is to act without thinking. It was a clumsy impulse on my part that I always inexplicably make.

But happens, as When someone comes to one site any and greets everyone without knowing who’s who, in an act of courtesy, or Flash of a minimum attention. Then, in view of my mistake, I begin to hear your trite speech, that which goes gradually trapping and as much as I want to, I can never do divert my attention, not even enough to not realize and see how you invades my life with the same references always. Rusty scrap. Forked tongue. But then in a movement zagas I borrachete me quickly to my room bathroom, with the successful excuse of taking a shower, looking to do so, ignoring your repeated ad.