Many people who take advantage of the offers of the arrangement, are hardly aware of the legal framework. Get a cease and desist letter whenever by a rights holder, if this one accuses a violation of his rights. In the cease and desist letter, accused mostly illegal behavior and threatened a harsh punishment in the event of a repetition of prohibited events. Finally, a sense of a cease and desist letter is to generate fear and a guilty conscience on their receiver and so in stopping him, again not to respect foreign rights in the future. So cease and desist letters on data breaches of tea are educational measures, which should dissuade the caught suspect as potential perpetrators of misconduct again and have a deterrent effect. Therefore the prompt to sign an injunction and commitment agreement goes with a cease and desist letter also often equal or abbreviated an injunctive and Declaration of commitment, just as EIS, accompanied by. Because this threat is to the have equal an agreement for eventual future Sign violations and so voluntarily to engage, to take a penalty on himself in this case.

Issues of filesharing are a classic example of such warnings because of just the music industry rigorously pursues violations of law and is very active on the issue of payment from. Often it starts after a cease and desist letter file sharing to understand and to understand the difficulty in doing so. Because even if file sharing is very widespread and very accepted, it can have really big legal consequences. Finally, there is the use of music, without for the rights to have paid an agreed sum to the rights holder, in fact illegal and file sharing therefore already in itself basically simply does not allow. But of course you can oppose a such, usually excessive and not really justified in this respect given the supposed fact stock cease and desist letter. Important it is, to respond appropriately within the very short time limits but only in consultation with a lawyer and best possible from the threat Cease and desist letter to emerge. Here, the Council of experts for cease and desist letters can help, since such a lawyer knows all the intricacies of copyright law. Andreas Mettler