Dentist Andreas Neumann Berlin informs an attractive smile is for the vast majority of German citizens of great importance. From a medical perspective, a healthy set of teeth for the overall health of the people is important. The dedicated team of Neumann Berlin dental practice gives insight into the importance of dental health and the implementation of effective prevention. The smile of a person exerts a major communicative impact. Its healthy and attractive effect helps build of a positive impression, supported a confident demeanour and the achievement of individual objectives.

A healthy set of teeth has a number of benefits accordingly from a social perspective. From a medical standpoint is the dental health of major importance for the overall health of the human body. The bite has the important function to prepare recorded food for digestion. Without a healthy and functional dentition the effectiveness of human digestion is reduced, which deficiency diseases and a weakening of the immune system can occur. Chronic inflammatory diseases of teeth and gums are also able to trigger a series of painful secondary diseases. Due to the social and functional aspects of healthy teeth are prophylactic measures of great importance.

They allow you to detect risk factors at an early stage and to treat, preventing diseases and tooth loss. Modern prophylactic measures are characterized by a comprehensive interlocking system of private and dental engagements. Everyone is encouraged to promote the health of his teeth through the effective and proper care of his teeth, as well as the use of regular dental check-ups in the private sector. Dental prophylaxis consists of a combination of professional patient advice, regular check-ups, and special preventive treatments. Prophylactic patient counseling consists of understandable arranging health-promoting Behaviors and effective techniques of private dental cleaning and oral hygiene. Consulting services influence the success of dental prophylaxis in this area sustainably, for preventive action takes place mainly in the private sphere. Regular dental examinations uncover problems before they lead to irreparable damage. It is a significant prophylactic standard performance for decades and contributes substantially to the long-lasting dental health. The professional tooth cleaning is a relatively new prophylactic achievement of German dentists. In the private sphere, it is technically not possible to clean all teeth and gingival pockets. Therefore prefers harmful deposits are formed in these inaccessible areas. The professional application of dental technologies and procedures makes it possible to free teeth and private inaccessible places of all deposits and to protect against the rapid formation of persistent coverings. It persists Possibility of the patients individual risk of caries and periodontal disease, diagnostic procedures to determine. Then precise planning of more advisable preventive procedures is possible. A long-lasting dental health is thus based on a variety of individual procedures and responsibility patients and dental professionals alike. Dentist Neumann is committed to the goal, his patients in Berlin as best as possible to all dental matters to the side. Therefore, it is of course, to answer more questions each interested for them.