With this example I want to point out that the notion of person is not related directly with abstract thinking or any other specific feature that is not the peculiar characteristic that distinguishes it as class, i.e., the cognitive self-referentiality. Therefore, the person is characterized for being an autoconocido complex cognitive system, and not for being an intelligent system. Indeed, the developing human ontogenetic the possibility of autoobservarse as one in itself, distinct from each other, seems be the necessary cognitive precondition for the development of the rest of the cognitive functions to other biological and context conditions. Thus, I shall take it that a four year old child who works in preoperative thinking is a person, while to large modern computers than with safety they are smarter to take that most adults, why not it them people. This relationship between possibility of autodistincion and abstract psychological functions can infer an important consequence in regards to the domain Psychology: all phenomena that are of interest to psychology are given only as a personal system functions and are always relative to any instance of its process of construction and/or maintenance. Already more than one hundred years ago William James (1890) proposed the term personal mind and pointed out that the only States of consciousness that we know are in personal consciences, minds, the I and you concrete and particular.

This identity between mental functions and personal system which, I believe, our discipline well could be called is so much evident Personology. Henry Murray and others have used this term before, but I use it here to emphasize this fundamental trait that defines the domain of psychology. Let’s look at an example more and some other findings. If the scientists who investigate the possibility of the existence of life elsewhere in the universe intelligent and sending probes with messages to that alleged lives received a response announcing: us that we are here and call ourselves such and which we answer them to you who have sent us a message would say, according to the established criteria, they are having the experience to distinguish a message that has been sent by something that can be described as a personal system.