In order to know the reasons by which its hair is disappearing little by little, it reads the following article: The fact that the people lose hair tufts daily, it is not reason for alarm. Normally usually it happens after taking a bath or in the mornings when cepillar itself the hair. But what is reason for alarm is when the amount of loss of hair gets to add more of a hundred to the day. If you are one of those people, whom its hair to that so alarming rate loses, then you must consult to the doctor before being totally bald. Present Ten that the causes of the loss of hair are very varied, and some of those reasons can generate very serious consequences for your health.

1) The fall of the hair can be heredable Mainly in the case of the men, one of the causes of the more common loss of hair is the genetics. If in the family men exist of generalized way who suffer of baldness, more surely he is than you also begin to undergo the hair fall when you are near forty or the fifty years. There is one who tries to cover the baldness throwing his hair towards the zone of the head where there is major loss of hair or where there is little hair, but, if your family suffers of baldness, even so most probable she is than you lose more hair as you gain years or you age. When the cause of the fall of the hair she is genetic, the damage is permanent. Once the hair is begun to you to fall, it will not have returned back, nor you will be able to obtain that it returns to you to grow hair of normal way. If you are decided to use some products for the hair, perhaps a little in their growth help you, but in the majority of the cases, the effects of these are not the awaited ones.

If you really are interested in that she returns to you to grow the hair, you could choose you implant to them of hair, but this solution is very expensive. 2) The diseases can be cause of loss of the hair The loss of the hair can be one of the consequences to suffer some disease like lupus, the cancer or the syphilis. If besides undergoing one fast loss of hair, you have a general malaise, you must consult immediately your doctor, since this type of diseases can be cured easily if they are detected in its initial stage. The positive part of this, is that if the real cause is one of these diseases, the loss of hair will be only of temporary character, which is translated in which, once concluded your treatment for the disease, the hair will return to you to grow of normal way. 3) Lost of hair by stress and bad feeding Many people who take a estresante life without an feeding heal and suitable, they can lose more hair than those people who take a style of calm and healthful life. Of this it is possible to be deduced, that stress and the bad feeding can be the causes of the loss of hair, that, in these cases can be temporary, and that is the good news. If you want to know 15 myths on the causes the loss of hair click reads my article here doing Original author and source of the article.