Workplace health promotion – with the kyBounder of the Swiss company kybun is easy: just in motion stay Roggwil/Switzerland, 23 April 2010: on April 28, the theme is health in the workplace every year in the public eye. This date has selected since 2003 for the world day for safety and health at work the International Labour Organization (ILO). The kyBounder of the Swiss company can make a contribution to a healthier work environment kybun. The training mat has a positive effect on muscle and musculoskeletal disorders, which are the most common work-related health problem within the EU according to the European Agency for safety and health at the workplace. As it does, kybun coach Thomas Muller explains: many modern work environments, forcing people over longer periods of time in an unergonomic posture, as long periods of sitting at the computer.

It often suffer symptoms such as pain in the back, neck or shoulder area. Measures, the the counteract, are therefore particularly important.” An important come the prevention of health risks in Western industrial countries. A convenient way to make the workplace healthier offers the kyBounder. The kyBounder is a soft elastic health mat made of a special polyurethane foam which has a particularly high restoring force. This occurs it not flat, but always back cushions. He shall invite Permanent minimal compensating movements of its user by tension and relaxation of the muscles. Tension, which are a common cause of muscle and musculoskeletal disorders, solve quickly this way. Training deep muscles also ensures that larger problems do not arise. There is evidence that it is conducive to performance if is done not only in the seats, but actively in an upright posture. A study of the Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat in Munich showed that students, alternately sitting and standing tasks solved much more correct results, new ideas and correct decisions came, as their colleagues who worked exclusively in the seats.