Only who moves can move. With the Swopper stay constantly in motion in the seats. Everyone knows probably back pain the reason is lack of exercise in most cases. Especially frequent sitting in the Office, for example, can lead to tension and pain. A new Office Chair, which helps to prevent back pain developed for this reason the so-called Swopper. The special feature of this Chair is that it is more flexible than traditional office chairs.

The movement is so actively promoted – this is strengthened and strengthen the back muscles. Basic idea is so movement while it is hardly possible with conventional office chairs to actively move, this is almost inevitable with the Swopper. He adapts to every movement and makes virtually all movements. The vibrations of this health Chair run both the horizontal and the vertical. While sitting on the Swopper you must constantly watch on its balance – so it takes automatically a healthy seating position. Of course, but also the quiet sitting on the Swopper is easily possible. The fact that you’re automatically upright sitting on this Chair, the diaphragm will be free as another side effect and breathing becomes more intense. To get more oxygen to the brain and concentrated work.

Also promotes the Swopper upright sitting and strengthens the veins more or less at the same time. The Swopper is triple adjustable – in seat height as well as in the spring and the lateral displacement. In addition, he is available in many different colours and adapts to each Office. The Swopper is ideally suited for the work at home. The Swopper is both with and without backrest available; This can select anyone at its sole discretion. A special feature is the Swopper saddle. Of riders, you know that this automatically sit and strengthen your back muscles so. This principle has made benefit also the Swopper saddle and promotes so upright and healthy sitting. Well that is of course Saddle height individually to the user adjustable. The Swopper is now so popular that it is recommended by doctors and sports physicians. But not only people with back problems should revert to this health Chair, this Chair will help all others to become more flexible.