We never thought about why the Bible says that love will save the world. Why is mentioned in the Bible? I think the answer to this question has long been found, but mankind will enter a specially under the delusion that people do not think about it. Recently in the press exaggerated the topic of adrenaline. Everyone is looking for adrenalin, without even thinking what it is and why it is present in our blood, and when? Adrenaline increases in our blood when we get angry. Who benefits from that, people became angry and have forgotten how to love.? Increasingly, the definition of "love" among the younger generation is associated with the bed. To love means to have sex, it does not matter to a woman or a man. Specifically developing addiction to the idea that sleep just so senseless, it is quite normal-it "sex". You have not thought about what kind of lifestyle leads to indifference and lead humanity to the fact that people no longer to feel empathy and truly "love".

Previously, for the love of people died and gave a lover of life, because, as they could not live without love. Now many are looking for love and can not find, because it does not know how to love, not able and have forgotten how to yield to each other and in the first place they have is their ego. forgotten how to sacrifice "his" for the sake of a loved one. Not all of course, there are still people who met their true love, and love, but most looking for love and can not find. This leads to promiscuous and heartlessness and callous in the relationship and lifestyle. More and more among people of different ages appear any distortion to bring yourself and relive again and again those moments of bliss of the soul, but without love, artificially causing excitement. Hence, genetic variation in the structure of the body, both men and women.

I'm afraid it will soon lead to the degradation does not only society, but of all mankind. Civil marriage is a new trend in the cell of society. Afraid to take responsibility for his family, all hide behind the "civil marriage, both men and women. Why? They do not want a family. They want promiscuous, no strings attached to each other. I agree that the stamp in the passport is not the fact that the family will be present. But why is this happening? Because together they are due to sex. They are good together , Comfortable when there are no obligations to each other. Is there love in these families? Is there a desire to always be with the only person they have chosen for life. No, society is degraded, it has changed and consciousness too. Remember the "Atlantis", which went under the water. The population of all befell. They had no boundaries in love or life. They perenasytilis life and permissiveness. Therefore, their kind of lifestyle led to the death. And children who are born in such families. On whose example they will learn to "love." Who will teach them-parents in a civil marriage? This is not a conviction is a fact. Love will save the world. How much sense in this phrase, which can not possibly comprehend at the bottom reading. It is not possible to comprehend, even if the live two hundred years. Love motivates the development of mankind. Without love, there will be no life on earth. This I know for sure. And we are all responsible for the future development of life on our earth.