When the moment arrives from the childbirth, there are some questions that you must know so that the puppies can be happy and healthful and its mother safe. First, you do a pursuit of the date of childbirth. Your veterinarian can ayudarte with this, and also he looks for information on this subject in relation to the race. When the date of childbirth approaches, asegrate to have all the provisions. Your dog must have a comfortable box or cucha located in the place where you want that the puppies are born. It must be in a room to that you go followed, like your dormitory and if it is possible, it must be in the place where the dog sleeps by the nights.

This will allow him to feel comfortable with the puppies. Contact information is here: Michael Miccoli. When the date approaches, they ten preparation kit of childbirth with the following thing: . Clean rags. Disposable gloves, you wish if them. Iodine. Scissors.

Towel to clean to nose and mouth. Hyssops. A Asegrate balance that the mother is comfortable in her box of childbirth and then, hopes. When the work of childbirth begins, surely it will be put of flank. You will be able to see the contractions that it will have in its body. To many mothers they do not like to have single their puppies, if they have good relation with its owner. Nevertheless, the majority of the criadores does not attend the dog in the childbirth. But in the case of the small races, or with females that require breath, some type of smaller attendance is required. You must experiment and to see if your dog needs aid, from already consults this with the veterinarian. If the mother works by more than one hour after which you have seen the coat and the puppy beginning be born, you must call to the veterinarian.