Current existential intelligence and pulse energy depression blessed and jump to the evolution and finally to the GENERAL INDIVIDUAL well-being. In my personal life the impact of see nice things of another is a joy to my soul, that comes in the form of fast pulses like a ballerina who dances happiness. As well as also see unpleasant things that happen to others has an impact in all my be in a painful way. Each time I know a person with depression feel pain. I hate the depression, much as I love the person who suffers, because the person with depression in their real understanding and non-commercial is a sensitive, noble person of feelings, isolated and loyal I hate this disease but I confess that I also owe you the change in the course of my life. It is the disease of the intelligent and educated and also those that his heart does not know the path to evil. Sometimes I forget to depress me and how to be impressed by the sense of life without depression?…tell who ever is has depressed sense would answer him; I doubt your humanity.

Human life begins and ends in tears, crying what strange? Is depression inevitable to improve its existential quality? Do not confuse between the depression of the evolved in the mind or the good soul and heart with the whim of others. The real artists tend to have tendency to depression; the melodies, letters, colors, his most beautiful works are only the roar of their depressed hearts. They are like birds precisely las garzas, singing their most beautiful melodies when they are injured. The depression of the evolved makes them think and do good for others. When life becomes unbearable, when society and solitude become meaningless as long as there is no one solution to get rid of the pain between not being able to adopt with the society and accommodate with the solitude when desolation and isolation is the only way of salvation can imagine the depths of these do headaches? I apologize because I cannot nor anyone can describe the true accuracy.