In order to participate in the promotion processes, the professional servants of race will have to fulfill the requirements of the position and to approve the tests that, for the case, establish the committees in the respective calls. In relation to the qualification and the certification of capacities, the Program indicates that the Secretariat of the General Contralora will emit the norms that will regulate this process in the dependencies. The committees, with base in the detection of the needs of each dependency will establish programs of qualification for the position and developing office staff and quality, for the servants public. These programs could be developed by one or more dependencies in coordination with the Secretariat of the General Contralora and will have to contribute to the improvement in the quality of the goods or services that are lent. The committees will have to register their annual plans of qualification before the mentioned Secretariat, same that will be able to recommend adjustments in agreement with the needs of the system. The regulation will establish the requirements of quality demanded to distribute the qualification and update.

For the certification of capacities the participation of external instances is recommended to State Public administration, like the Institute Sonorense de Public Administracin, A.C. In relation to the evaluation with respect to the qualification, the professional servants of race will have to be put under an evaluation to certify their professional capacities in the terms that at least determine the Secretariat indicated above every five years. The evaluations will have to credit that the public servant has developed and maintains updated the profile and aptitudes required for the performance of his position. This certification will be requisite indispensable for the permanence of a public servant of race in the system and its position. On the matter it is indicated that, when the result of the evaluation of qualification of a public servant of race is not approving will have to present/display it again.