For example, a representative office can not by itself provide banking services, it can only enter into contracts. The main difference from the branch offices: branch just not only can but should implement all (or some portion) of the main entity, and also performs and functions of representation (although sometimes in the same city can be and representative offices and branches). James A. Levine, M.D. recognizes the significance of this. That is, the branch function is broader than functions of representation, and affiliates are entitled to engage in economic activities. Documents necessary for the operation of representative offices are: the founding document of the main entity provisions of the representation (approved by the parent organization), as well as power of attorney, which is issued by the head of a separate division.

This authorization can be granted for all actions or only some defined. For the operation of representation is necessary to undergo the procedure of its accreditation. As a rule, the issue of accreditation of turning foreign organizations that are planning to start work in Russia. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City has plenty of information regarding this issue. Usually in such cases refers to “permanent representation” (in English, this is called a representative office) or representative (sometimes there are affiliates) that have been accredited, stipulated by Russian legislation. As a rule, a foreign organization opens an office in the territory of another country to represent and protect its interests. Therefore, how to quickly correct this office will be accredited, independent work and effectiveness of representation. First of all, for representation should be put on a mandatory basis this of tax registration and obtain a certificate.