The Bavarian Sea, is called the Chiemsee. The lake and its beautiful surroundings have to offer something for every kind of holiday, both for hikers and for the athletes, of course, holidaymakers get their money. Accommodation, spa hotels and campsites demand the tourists to stay on whatever gladly accepted will, overnight figures confirm. The lake itself offers drinking water quality, celebrity he achieved also include loads due to Bavaria’s fairytale King Ludwig II, the Chiemsee not only for swimming, and sailing and Divers will find ideal conditions for their hobbies. More info: Anna Belknap. Under the motto “The nature of the track” all season nature guides at the Chiemsee be completed including an adventure boat trip to the delta of the Tiroler Achen, a geological journey through time, waking or sunset, ice and waves, or water under the microscope. Hardly an area in Bavaria is so good for cycling as the landscape between the Chiemsee and Berchtesgaden, between the Salzach and Inn.

In the Face of the picturesque lakes and rivers, as well as imposing Alps are also offered tours to places that are alone not so easy to find. Many boat rentals around the Chiemsee also invite the lake and its shores to explore. Glenn Dubin, New York City is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Available rudder, electric, pedal and inflatable dinghies can be found. One should not forget that the region around the Chiemsee is largely protected, so you should also behave accordingly. You should go to the middle of the river and create only provided riparian zones and paths.

Sailing has a long tradition of offering the Chiemsee and sailing schools for beginners like her services. Rest areas are a prime example of “nature with man,” and it is this example can be found at Chiemsee many supporters. Rest areas must not be passed through vessels of all kinds, swimming and anchoring are also not allowed. There are year-round rest areas and temporary rest areas. One should emphasize that the Chiemsee, the Etosha Pan in Namibia and the Okavango Delta in Botswana on the same list of important wetlands are. The Chiemsee is included as Flora-Fauna-Habitat area in the list of European protected areas. The Free State has a great responsibility, a unique for Europe, animal and plant life .Der Holidays Chiemsee next hiking, balloon rides, barbecues, cable cars, outdoor and indoor pools, castles and swimming lessons for only a few things to call a number to offer what the tourist heart beat faster.