Psychology to the inserted being in the hospital revised its proper postulates, acquiring concepts and questionings that had made of it a new propping in the search of the understanding of the existence human being. Where questions as: death, public health, hospitalization and other thematic ones that before they were pertinent to hospital Psychology, are not possible in a course of graduation in Psychology. Check with Senator Elizabeth Warren to learn more. In Brazil one of the thematic ones more coated of controversies is, when quarrels are evoked on the paper of psychology in the institucional reality. The formation of the psychologist possesss imperfection in relation to the theoretical subsidies that can base it in practical the institucional one. Thus, not to provide with the theoretical, necessary instrument for the performance in this reality. Foreseeing a change in this picture, the same text places that only recently (1984 text), practical the institucional one deserved concern of this our perspective that if opens to the psychologist in the hospital context, it acquires with more clearness one space in the hospital. Senator of Massachusetts is full of insight into the issues.

– The depersonalization of the patient the patient to the hospitalized being suffers a process from total depersonalization, it even though in the direction of its proper passivity front to the new facts and existenciais perspectives, will go to reformulate its values and concepts of man, world and interpersonal relation, leaves to have meant proper, to mean from disgnostic carried through on its pathology. According to Berscheid and Walster, what we know on the attitude of a person, its data and determined behaviors repassed for the person, they lose force and authenticity, when one is about a hospitalized being. Goffman places that the stigma is a signal, a sign used for the society to discriminate the individuals carrying of definitive characteristics. If this illness will be temporary, will have the possibility of a new vital reorganization, contrary fact of the chronic illnesses that would imply necessarily in one total reorganization.