But on some ideas will not get far, the success of the event must be well selected and well decorated room, good technical equipment, successful organization of space, the availability of handouts, etc. Do not forget about the coffee-breaks and other breaks to 'bite'. No matter how interesting or was your planned activity, hungry and tired guests are unlikely to be tuned loyal. If the ideas and the script you can handle the strength of his company, arranging a 'brainstorming', then at the organizational stage, you definitely need help from outside. Many hotels, restaurants and exhibition centers provide such services as rental of conference room or banquet hall. These rooms are specially equipped for business events of various formats. Prepare a handout materials and souvenirs will help you in printing or advertising agency.

There are firms that sell and offering to rent exhibit booths and equipment, equipment for conferences and presentations (Microphones, projectors, video conferencing systems, etc.) Not to develop and organize an event – you need to convey more information about it to potential visitors (unless, of course, it's not corporate). So, we need good thought-out advertising campaign. Official site: James A. Levine, M.D.. Media advertising, information dissemination through partners and sponsors, invitations, information about upcoming events via the Internet – how much remains to choose most suitable for you. Here you will come to the aid of advertising agencies. Advertise your event on the Internet will help you special portals and services. Such services can, if not completely take you through all the stages of organizing a business event, then at least greatly facilitate its implementation, assuming the information of the work. An example of such a portal could provide. Registered companies here have access to powerful tools to work with events and an excellent opportunity to advertise forthcoming events. You can register your event in the system, lay out all the necessary information about it, notify the potential participants by sending them an invitation, here are your guests will be able to confirm their agreement to participate in upcoming events. The portal provides ample opportunities to communicate with the registered participants of the event – you can inform them if in the context of events that will change, organize a forum on the event. As a result of activities can generate a report and post it, along with other deliverables to the page of the company.