Ecuador is located in Latin America and borders Colombia on the north and east and south by the Republic of Peru. This pa? S ranks as the fourth smallest in South America, but its momentum in trade has placed as the eighth largest economy in Latin America. The capital of Ecuador is Quito and its main language is Spanish, although some members of the business community handle the English language. Its currency is the U.S. dollar, which is definitely a benefit to the Ecuador-commerce.

The Ecuador-commerce is widely recognized for its strong export of flowers and bananas, which has led to winning first place in their production and export of bananas worldwide. Its main industry in Ecuador, trade, include oil, food processing, textiles, wood products and chemicals, with the oil that keeps the positive trade balance in Ecuador-commerce. Its main export partners are the United States, Peru, Chile, Chile, Russia and Colombia. As regards import, its main partners are the United States, Colombia, China, Brazil and Japan. Ecuador-Trade also revolves around a free zone, Manabi, which is a major trading platform in the region.

This geographical area was created to encourage the Ecuador-trade with its neighbors and energize passes over the economy in general. Also, was created to attract large amounts of investments that generate jobs. Benefits include tax exemptions and good prices for storage of products, goods, raw materials, equipment, machinery, materials and implements. Manabi Free Trade Zone is located in the metropolitan area and near Eloy Alfaro Manta Ecuador. ZOFRAMA SA is the company responsible for the management and development of free trade area. To take advantage of the Ecuador-commerce, you can contact the embassies and consulates to acquire more specific information industries. To search for products and companies in the Ecuador-commerce, B2B portals register. For best results, try to find sites that specialize in Latin America. As you can see, Ecuador-commerce presents several opportunities for businesses looking to increase its distribution channels worldwide. Joshua Adekane, senior analyst in commercial matters, recommends for more information on the trade Ecuador visit the following link:.