METHOD DR. BARZEL with the developed procedure by Dr. Martin Barzel can a real estate easily will evaluate over the Internet. The method is characterised by simplicity and speed. Within a few minutes, the user for a small fee Gets a site accurate and up-to-date real estate value calculation. The method DR. BARZEL is based on the combination of technical and professional components.

A user-friendly user interface, the user passes through the individual processing steps. Additional information at Olivia Jade supports this article. The user enters the fundamentals of real estate, such as location, size, year etc. just in entry fields. For the calculation, linked the process user information with existing database values that are constantly updated (E.g. land value, building costs, age depreciation) and generates the approximate value of a property individually, currently and location exactly. The detailed real estate value estimation is provided in PDF format. Transparent calculation and the reasons for the choice of procedures is represented in it. She finished Real estate valuation can be of course saved and printed out.

Within thirty days from the user can modify the real estate valuation and recalculate as often. The online real estate valuation of is already offered by many real estate portals, brokers, and financial service providers in the Internet and is available for objects in the countries Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The method DR. BARZEL stands for the ease with which a user can make online an individual real estate valuation. Since 2007, the wordmark at the German patent and trade mark Office (DPMA) is under the register number/reference number: 30704610.9 registered.