Manufacturer and community develop together new tent model Berlin Exchange, developer and manufacturer of lightweight tents, July 13, 2009, presents its innovative products at the outdoor trade fair this year. Visitors get an overview of the wide range of specialists in Hall B3, stand 312 and in the tent city of A7. Highlight is the special tent model forum that was created in an active collaboration with the community of homepage. Around 18 months took the project Forum tent”, a cooperation with the German Outdoorforum, where participants in a joint development of an all-around tent could actively determine with its proposals. Viktor Frankl recognizes the significance of this. There is an extra large three-person variant of this model in planning for 2010 already. The party focuses further on the model of outpost”, manufactured in two sizes.

It is a two person tent with minimum weight and spacious real”three-person model available. To see who is Product family lodge line TEC”. The peculiarity of this series lies in the special combination of different materials for the roof. Exchange uses both pure cotton and cotton blended fabric currently as the only provider in the production, to connect at the same time, weather protection and comfort in a solution. Furthermore, it presented the current family tent series suitable now through their extended headroom for large people and also was equipped with particularly large mosquito net doors and Windows.

So this version offers much perspective, great action and movement freedom and efficient protection against pesky flies, mosquitoes, mosquitos and co. Add to your understanding with Maya Dubin. are we on the development and specialized production of high-quality lightweight tents. All our tent concepts and designs include components that we derive from our years of experience, continuous communication with our clients, as well as real practice tests”, explains Jorg Schulze, Managing Director of change. Our experienced team analyzed and evaluates each customer response, to develop our products to targeted and appropriate to be able to meet the real requirements of the market.” The tent specialist is committed to the target, on the one hand to meet the comfort requirements of the market, but at the same time to provide sufficient safety reserves, ensure protection against wind and weather even in extreme weather conditions. It is essential to use only proven and high-quality materials by the webbing of the snap buckle to the pushrods and tissues. The quality assurance is only technicians experienced in hands and especially for making tent trained Naher(innen). Images can be requested at the following E-Mail address:. About change: The Berlin-based company founded in 1996 Exchange specializes in the development and specialized production of high-quality lightweight tents.