Luminous Beings code, born in the higher spaces, have a light code that distinguishes them from other categories of creatures. They are the carriers of genetic material Creators who created them, but they are not, but reflect the inner qualities that are available at different levels of consciousness. During the creative works of human reproduction on earth they (the Masters Genetics) added their code to the subtle bodies of earthlings, thus creating a "Seeding". This is their space kids, Blueprint * their souls. They have more opportunities to develop than those who do not have light code.

The most gifted and industrious of them are ministers in the Hierarchy of Light Forces. Usually they become owners of a time capsule, * which is only one tenth of the number of carriers of light. Bearers of the Light on the Earth only about 10% of the total world population. Thus was conceived by God. The remaining 90% people embody the souls of creatures both human and others, coming to practice karma due to violations of cosmic laws, for the life of social classes to learn to respect all life forms (in other solar systems, such forms can not be, but there are others). This categorization is needed to shower experiment Supreme Intelligence, to have an idea about the possibilities of the brain. The experience gained is used Creators with the creation of new forms of intelligent life. In this undeveloped consciousness become "test" for the rapidly developing minds through which they receive the lessons.