As you know, the standard two standard technologies – 'form' and 'tips'. But not so long ago (as they say in the middle of 2007) to Russia reached a new technique in which material, acrylic or gel is applied not on the form, and within it. I often see on forums, the wizard, wf, and many of them have heard, but do not dare to try it themselves. I myself learned about the wave function in the autumn of last year and really wanted to try out this innovation. The firm promotes kits called 'Formula Profi', but can be bought and other offices. I ordered a kit and was beginning to use it at work. Not always, not every client, but enough to make a definite opinion. So, first, briefly the essence of technology in kachastvo material used acrylic and gel.

When I started, they sold only to acrylic, but just recently I received a sales letter with 'gel' video clips on the same wave function. The very 'top' shape looks very similar to the regular Tipsoo. Transparent slightly larger and with little 'ears' on the sides. Pick up a form as is usually the nail, then turn over and start to lay her bottom acrylic or gel nail shaping the future. When you are done with the material form applied to natural nails and dried (gel, of course, in the tube) Then, form carefully removed for the 'ears' and you get ready Naroscheny nail. And he will be perfectly smooth! I described very briefly, he working principle, in fact, there are many small nuances. Let's see, advantages of this technique we have 1) After removing the nail shape is not necessary opilivat, he was absolutely smooth.