Beauty – what could be more beautiful in our lives! The well-known proverb 'Beauty will save the world' is always relevant, as the aspiration to an ideal is inherent in every woman. It is not surprising that women always cause interest in beauty news, new cosmetics and perfumes, and anything that will help them maintain their health and their loved ones. We will try to help every woman, because only we have the opportunity to offer you all the best interesting and latest news about everything related to health and beauty. Beauty – it's the most beautiful thing in our lives, and the proverb 'Beauty will save the world' is always relevant. The quest for the ideal characteristic of every woman. It is therefore not surprising that women are always interested in news beauty news cosmetics and perfumes, and anything that will help them maintain their health and their loved ones. SPA & beauty salons represent a unique Kurakin patented method of dyeing hair, which was called "banner color." Painting technique is that the darker shades at the roots go into the light values over the entire length, smoothly, to the tips.

Such an effect is not similar to sun-bleached hair, no highlights on – stretching the color looks natural and naturally. The main advantages of stretching the color is called that for regrowth of hair a dark shade at the roots will not be noticeable, and, importantly, the hair will remain intact. It is crucial for those who are against the monthly touch-up hair roots, as it is harmful. Such people are taken care of and lounges, offering technology stretching the hair color. Such innovation is designed for all ages and social status. In addition, this method allows to provide a favorable dignity of the person, emphasizing individuality and brightness of each owner. Dark colors are present in such hair styles are needed, because the options are plain boring. Light colors are designed to emphasize the color of skin or hide its weaknesses – all selected individually. Unusual, trendy and stunning originality, which is given stretch of color, promote the formation of a beautiful appearance, and can not spend money on a monthly basis and strength of the color of the roots of black hair.