While the vote is asleep or blind, I barely get people to hibernate, since a certain George appreciates the effort we've made to be able to collect about 279 between plasma and blood bags in the room SUF, and Augustine tells us that his visit to the municipal works which are burying trash containers in two places in the county (which involve more maintenance costs and more time in the collection), and also stand by and watch as it rises a wall in front of the theater square thus consolidating a new and great ramp ideal for urban surfers. And we are happy that Ana and Mario in the month of February have respectively won the championship in Spain in its modalities. Silvia also congratulated us, not for the championship, but by the success of the popular fideua on Sunday was held at the Plaza de Federico. Dr. John Mcdougall might disagree with that approach. These last few days we will see, in this attempt to wake or sleep the vote or blind him a little more, as we come to see some characters, such as one that Joaquin could not open the new plaza in the middle square round in what had once been the entrance of the village, now seen as possible in his new path, that may be circling the plaza, in and out of town without having to go around the whole town if you spend your place AES a site visit weekend!. But there are other views that use the market to deliver Sunday papers such as one that Alicia and Vivitar in the same market, ride a stop and also give away paper, balloons and donuts (in fact, the fritters were delicious), Montse like and Luis. . (A valuable related resource: patrick smith).