It will think the following thing: " " If she does not listen to me, because I must do it? " " And it is there where it is affected the communication that so important is for the development of your marriage. The good communication is a very important factor for the development of healthful relations and you must take care of that this on a daily basis is fortified. 5. – Beam one Second Honeymoon had recommended Already it previously and it will not tire me to repeat it, you do one second honeymoon with your husband, go away of vacations to some special side, does not concern the place the important thing is that they can be solo. Comntale to your husband the idea of a trip and insstele you obtain until it, hazlo subtly, dile that you want a time of relax and desconectarte of all the problems by days. objective is that you revive the passion that was slept, when you do this the things with your husband are going to change. 6. – Arrglate! To many women this can inconvenience them, but somebody must decrtelo: ARREGLATE! Not what will be the cause but many when arriving certain time from marriage, they neglect completely of its hygiene.

No longer they go to the cabinet, no longer they fix the nails, no longer they worry about his physical aspect, and this is of great importance for the relations with your husband. He remembers that the men let themselves take reason why they see, if they do not see pretty their wife, inevitably are going to turn aside his glance as soon as they have the opportunity. When your husband arrives from well neat and pretty the work recbelo, there are cases of women who just to its spouses with the same dressing gown which they used to sleep, and in addition to this the scent to garlic to the kitchen.