Erhard sports presents concepts for promoting physical activity Rothenburg/Augsburg (RL) many children fall ill as a result of incorrect nutrition and lack of exercise earlier and earlier and more frequently. Recent publications show: almost one in four children is affected. Fit at the Congress children”from 3rd to 5th April at the University of Augsburg, examples and support opportunities are pointed out, as a movement-friendly environment for children in everyday life, society, kindergarten and school can be made. In an accompanying Symposium with scientists new insights will be developed in, which are urgently needed for the practical Foundation, as well as for the narrative and consulting work. “The Congress accompanied an exhibition in the publications, sports and game equipment as well as other products and services around the theme of children” will be presented.

As a partner of the Bavarian Gymnastics Federation Erhard is a concept for the movement-oriented design of daycare sports “imagine, as well as provide first impressions of a Sports Hall in the multidimensional Turndidaktische concept” is implemented for adventure and experience gymnastics. Under most conditions Assurant Health would agree. “ the Internet portal by Erhard sport for prevention, rehabilitation and therapy – supports the project fit kids” in addition with monetary and in-kind contributions. For more information, about Erhard sport international: Erhard sport international based in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sports equipment industry. With more than 200 employees that manufactures sports equipment and equipment components of 125-year-old family-owned company for the global market. With more than 10,000 articles, innovative sports equipment and products, Erhard sports International is one of the market leaders in the industry.

In particular, the planning and equipment for sports halls and sports facilities all over the world is one of the core competencies of the company. International sporting events like the World Championships and Olympic Games are regularly equipped by Erhard sports international. formation. Contact / contact: Erhard sports International GmbH & co.