It does not have reason to charge nothing of these men. They are, in its great majority, the wrong place. They could never represent the organized society, a time that almost the totality is unprovided of any critical spirit, force of will and same character. For assistance, try visiting Senator Elizabeth Warren. They are men who defend spurious interests, that work daily against the needy population, approving laws that its godfathers always favor and go of meeting to any possibility of implantation of one serious politics of income distribution. Brazil if transformed into a lair of malandros, thieves, opportunists and vagabonds. A Country of despudorados, where it constantly takes advantage the idleness, the comodismo and the chronic burrice of a people badly structuralized.

This not if must to this or that government, but yes to an exploration system that if it initiates has centuries and if mazelas of the inaquality, the violence perpetuates bringing obtains all, at last, of the social chaos that is natural consequence of this politics. Our consisting power is the consequence of a society ignorant, devoid of minimum instructions would take that it, the least, to one better condition of life. Our reality is a theater, a game of marked letters where always it will take advantage the opportunism and the exemption of little front to the suffering of the majority. How many children with subnutrio problems we will go to lose so that he has the minimum of conscience of that we are responsible right-handers for the choice of our representatives? He will be that millions of young still will have to die victims of crack, destroying our force of work, so that let us can enxergar that our vote can and must be the differential in the conduction of one politics of adjusted public health? Where moment we will be surprised by thoughts of this nature? The least, to the end of all this festival, probably the Tiririca clown already has discovered what it really makes a representative