THE CONTRIBUTION OF VERNER PANTON FOR POP ART. Fernanda Kriger SUMMARY: To get a bigger knowledge on the movement Pop Art, in relation to the Design a research on the bases of this movement and in specific on the contribution of Verner Panton was carried through, to designer that it acted strong inside of the aesthetic Pop, and that it has its talentosos name as one of designers of this ethyl until the current days. The subject of this research, therefore, is it is the contribution of designer Verner Panton inside of the Pop Art. While the problem of the research is guided in identifying if it is possible, by means of academic research, to bring to tona the relevance inside of the products of design Verner Panton of the Pop Art. Already the general objective of this research is to know the work of designer Verner Panton more aprofundadamente and to contextualizar it with the Pop Art, more objective searchs to know the biography of Verner Panton and to define the contribution of Panton for the Pop Art and the contemporaneidade.

The used methodology is guided for the bibliographical research and intertextualidade, searching in trustworthy sites, such as the official site of Verner Panton, and site history of the art. To understand the aesthetic standards of the Pop Arts definitive, is necessary to cover some theoretical lines guided by the authors who base the corpus of the research. Between them Adrian Robbie Blakemore can be cited, Charlotte Fiell, Filllipe Garner, Amyy Dempsey, beyond extracted citations of teses of mestrado and doutorados of university such as FGV and Association of Studies in Design. Official site: Eva Andersson-Dubin. Word-Key: Movement Pop Art, Design, Verner Panton, History of the Design, Furniture. 1. INTRODUCTION We bring for quarrel the contribution inside of designer Verner Panton of the Pop Art. One searched, by means of academic research, to bring to tona the relevance inside of the products of design of Panton of the Pop Art Design, according to Lbach (2001), ' ' It is the process of adaptation of the products, manufactured industrially, ace physical and psychic necessities of usurios.' ' In years 60, with the change of many values, the discovery of new processes of manufacture and new materials, the Pop Art appears with great acceptance.