You woke up in the morning and goes to the bathroom to bathe and got the shock of his life? You see something strange on his forehead that wasn’t there the night before when you went to bed. It looks horrible and you want to disappear! That ugly thing that appears everywhere in our face when we least expect disturbing our world is called acne. Also known as grains, barros or blackheads, these are abscesses through our skin pores thanks to all the dirt and debris that has accumulated there. It typically occurs during adolescence in a person, say, during his years of minor. And some are lucky, not gives them acne at all, while others see groups of them in his face. It is not something that only the girls get, there are children who suffer from this also.

If you are lucky, this will last a couple of days, and then disappears never reappear again, but the unfortunate visible signs of acne through her life, some of which leave scars. Class most common acne is acne vulgaris which translates as acne vulgaris. The face is the region that is affected in almost 90% of cases, sometimes, people have it in their forearms or your chest region. But those are called Keratosis, and not acne, given that are larger in size and last longer than common acne. They are basically eruptions in our skin due to dirt and other particles installed in it. If acne is severe, and looks like a large boil, it could be a cyst, in which case one needs to be careful and not touch him too.

If it does not, it could erupt, drain pus and does not look good. For some, acne is a big problem, that think do not go to school or University. They don’t want to meet your friends for fear of being ridiculed. For some girls, the hormonal changes in your body leads them to acne, and why there is no cure, but let nature take its course. There is no need to terrorize you or worry about these small grains, since they are our body reacting to the changes happening internally. This is due to poor eating habits, or by eating fatty foods in a way regular, acne or pimples occur when the follicles are blocked and do not get enough oxygen. If you touch the acne and then used those fingers in other parts of your face, you could spread the infection and could see more tiny grains coming out during the next days. So, it is better controlled and keep your hands from your face and wash it multiple times during the day. In the market, there are various products that claim to get rid of acne in a few days.