The sentence of the Room of the Civilian of the Supreme Court n 85/2010, of 19 of February of 2010, esteem that cannot be declared null for being opposite to the Law on General Conditions of the Hiring, the clauses of a contract signed by two companies that celebrate a contract and give their consent without vice some, reason why, in the application of the principles picked up in arts. 1091 and 1256 CC, is forced their fulfillment, to not being the consuming companies. For this reason, there is place no to declare the invalidity, by abusive, of the clauses agreed in sine of the hiring deprived under protection of the Law of consumers and users or the one of General Conditions of the Hiring, because being the contracting company a consumer is not those of application, because they have been decided in a deprived hiring, without damage for consumer takes place some. In the present case, clauses and indeed by virtue of lex were accepted on both sides contractus and of the necessitas, they are forced to fulfill them, as they have declared in supposed analogous, the sentences of 24 of September of the 2007 and 30 of November of 2007de TS; the possibility of stopping or of altering the contract is possible when it is anticipated by the parts; which is applied in any case of the presence of discussed clauses. Secondly, the question of the abusive clauses that produce a imbalance in the rights and obligations of the contracting parts, whose invalidity contemplates to the effective articles 82 and 83 of the present general Law for the defense of the consumers and users, recasted text approved by legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 of November, like previous Law 26/1984, of 19 of July, effective to the time of the work contract of cars, talks about as much only to the consumers and by one as on the other of such laws, the contracting and now litigant parts are not consuming and this Law is not to them applicable. Thirdly and in relation to the previous thing, Law 7/1998, 13 of April, on general conditions of the hiring, yes applicable to the present contract without entering if at least they treat or no of general conditions, it anticipates in his article 8 the invalidity of which they contradict the arranged thing in the law, which one does not consider and it establishes the invalidity of the abusive clauses when the contract has been celebrated with a consumer and, since saying is had, is not this one the present case. Really, two companies celebrate a contract accept, it, give their consent without vice some, not even alleged, and are for that reason forced, indeed in the application of the principles that enumerate articles 1091 and 1256 of the civil Code.