The wine is one of drinks recognized world-wide by its presentation. Due to its characteristics and properties the wine cannot be stored in any package, place or temperature. The wine always comes in a glass bottle and is sealed by a cork. At present the technology has allowed to replace traditional corks by plastic facts and synthetic materials, which act the same as that the typical ones. In addition, there are different types from cork following the wine. Short corks, corks long, and conglomerated exist, which more or less indicate the quality and life of the wine.

There are also other corks that are noticeable, these marks indicate something about the process of the elaboration of the wine. Between the symbols more popular than you can find in a cork of the wine are the stars and the rectangles. Something very important about corks, is the part that is in contact with the enemy with the wine. The corks are done of a special way, as if they were divided in two, so that only one part of it is in contact with the enemy with the liquid. It would seem to be that the cork to cover the wine bottles is something insignificant, but in fact comprises important of the wine since he influences in the well-taken care of flavor and of the wine. Original author and source of the article