Usually it is a very affectionate animal with the dogs and the people, which allows him to be an excellent mascot. Nevertheless, their great necessity of affection added to their great amount of energy, can put to these dogs in great jams. It is not rare that they break things, they jump on people or they make fall to the children without realizing his great force. In spite of being so active, a well mannered collector of farmer is one of the dogs more wonderful than they can exist. That yes, these dogs are not very good protectors of their family, since usually they are friendly yet the world. Although dogs can to serve like as guard (giving the alarm when a stranger comes near), usually they are not good dogs of protection.

By all means, always there are exceptions to the rule, but you look for a dog of better protection looks for another race. Taken care of the farmer collector it does not require special cares, but it is good for taking into account certain things. Before nothing, is a dog that needs much exercise and affection. Therefore, it is necessary that it makes sufficient exercise every day and it receives the attention that deserves. Although it can adjust to live in a department, is better if accounts with a medium or great garden to exercise it.

Still having a garden, you will have to remove to take a walk on a daily basis to your dog so that it socializes with other dogs and with people. In addition, although you have a garden, is preferable that your alive farmer inside of the house to have the company that he requires, and exercises itself outside. The coat of these dogs does not require well-taken care of individuals beyond the cepillado one to regulate. You must consider that the farmer collectors lose hair regularly, so they can soil mubles, clothes and carpets. Although this race is not very prone to hereditary diseases, its intensive young to satisfy the demand of the market, has caused that determine some genetic problems to the race. He is so the farmer collectors can be prone to displasia of hip, displasia of elbow and ocular problems, besides the obesity. Original author and source of the article.