offers anonymous exchange of experiences on health issues Berlin, April 27, 2010 the Internet portal offers now the possibility to completely anonymous individual health questions to medical experts. Here, any registration and disclosure of personal information is necessary. The portal to ensure the protection of personal health information. Abuse is prevented by experts and the community only release anonymous requests for an examination to answer. The sharing is carried out usually within 24 hours and the seeking of advice received an answer to the question within the next 24 hours. Fast can count those at with an answer, that register on the portal with a user name and its own E-Mail address, where the user name can be a pseudonym.

These questions will be published immediately to respond. An email informed the questioner about replies received, which should happen within 24 hours. In addition, offers by doctors and other professionals for the portal written health information. Visitors to ask questions, the corresponding displays information, so the questioner already has before the concrete answer a first general information. informed of known diseases, symptoms, their causes and therapies as well as on popular health topics from the fields of healthy nutrition, pregnancy, fitness, or first aid. Latest health news from science and research as well as extensive search capabilities to physicians and health practitioners complete the offer of Contact: Gesundheitkompakt community UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Kastanienallee 6 10435 Berlin press contact: Alexander Wolf Gesundheitkompakt community UG (haftungsbeschrankt) the company operates the health portal and relies on innovative, open software solutions, as well as a competent editorial.