There are over a hundred registered breeds of dogs. To recognize a type of dog is basically associated with their race. A purebred animal belongs to a group of lineage documented and recognized. Before a breed of dog is recognized, it must be proved that mating two adult dogs of the same type has been approved on their exact characteristics, both in appearance, behavior, and in their offspring. If you're thinking about having your own farm, it is important to know what type of dog you want to breed. Here's a detailed step for your reference to some of the most popular breeds: Labrador: The very salidores Labradors are dogs that are cream-colored coat, black and brown.

The Labrador are versatile dogs with many functions. Many of them are known as retrievers and are used as guide dogs for the blind. They enjoy taking various things into their mouths and are prone to chewing things. Are characterized as hypersensitive and take good care of its territory. Their fur is water repellent, so they are perfect aquatic hunters.

Son excellent family dogs. German Shepherd: The German Shepherd is also known as Police Dog, German Shepherd and Alsatian. Originally were intended to help farmers in herding their sheep or cattle. They are incredibly intelligent and very trainable. Due to its structure, usually are used as working dogs in the police or the military. Many of them are also guide dogs. The German shepherd dog is a big and strong and come in different colors of hair, most are cream, gray, white or black. Poodle: The Poodle (or Poodles in English) can be a very good company and are very loyal to their owners. They belong to a quiet breed of dogs that have naturally curly hair. Their colors may be black, gray, white, or brown. Training a poodle tends to require more effort compared to other races. It is considered a race a hipoalergenicaa . They are very famous for its beautiful coat, but maintenance can be tedious. Their owners must maintain their hair in a manageable length to avoid tangling and knots. Dachshunds: The Dachshunds are also known as sausage dogs because of its long body. They have short legs and a prominent facial framework. Chasing and hunting are their favorite hobbies. Most sausages are twisted legs and a chest like a barrel. They are playful and loyal and they love to chase small animals like birds. Their senses are very good and well developed but always show timid. Beagles: Beagles have a strong sense of smell, which is why they are used to hunt animals like rabbits. They have large ears that are low when you give a sweet look. Its fur is usually white, black, brown or a combination of all. Beagles are known to have very good character. Training can be a little awkward because these dogs have a strong character that can make them stubborn. When choosing a breed to breed should be considered physical appearance, temperament and health issues. Of course, each dog is different. Remember that dogs should be given attention and care. Moreover, he discovers all the secrets to train your dog with Dog Training in: Thanks and have a beautiful day! April Sanchez.