The term natural makeup is used to describe the make-up that mimics the tone and tint of the skin of a person. The skin has many nuances and shades. The ultimate goal of applying a natura makeup is to create a harmony with what nature has given us. Natural makeup is often confused with lack of makeup. Do not apply makeup means a lack of effort and time; natural makeup is actually the opposite. It is carefully selected and applied with the aim of enhancing the factions so that they appear to be a beautiful gift of genetics. This does not suggest that natural makeup does not spend an incredible amount of time applying an exceptional amount of makeup.

It simply means spending important time applying make-up strategically. Let me explain this. To start with 1 Natural makeup. It always starts by cleaning, toning and moisturizing the face and eye area. By having a mature skin, I use an alpha hydroxy serum for mild exfoliation and have smoother skin. The serum will help skin not a dull and pale appearance and improve the color of the skin by removing the dead cells at the surface of the skin. 2. At the time of applying natural makeup, I like to look at pictures from my days of youth and remember colors that illuminated my face when I was a girl.

I look at the cheeks and lips to know what the tone of pink or Peach I use. Over the years, changes the color of the hair, skin changes, and we see no colors that once gave us the nature. Once you look at your photos and decide what are the natural colors for your skin, the rest is easy. By applying Natural makeup 1. Then maybe you need to fix dark circles. Regardless of what is natural that you want to look, if you have bags and dark circles simply lights tired! 2.